The Violence at Work (UK) website is a repository of information about workplace related violence and aggression and how to reduce the risks – everything needed to successfully combat violence at work.


This section provides advice on how to define violence at work, the different kinds of violence that can affect a workplace, who is at risk, statistics and the danger of failing to control the risks. [Read More]

Legal Aspects

This section provides a handy list of legislation relevant to violence at work; details the legal duties of employers and employees; explains the regulatory role of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE); and references case law examples. [Read More]


This section explains the components necessary for an effective workplace violence reduction strategy, including implementing a Violence at Work Policy and an incident reporting system. It also signposts to a range of interventions that can help to reduce risk, including staff training and PPE. [Read More]

Training Providers

This section provides advice on choosing a Training Provider to deliver staff training on violence prevention, threat recognition, verbal de-escalation and conflict management. It also provides a list of selected UK based training organisations that specialise in the prevention and management of violence and aggression. [Read More]


This section provides links to Security Consultants who can supply specialist advice on workplace violence prevention and associated interventions, including pre-employment screening; security measures, physical access controls, intruder alarms, environment design, security screens, CCTV, Radios, Personal Attack Alarms, Lone Worker Solutions, Body Armour, Body Worn Video and Restraint Equipment. [Read More]


This section provides an easy to search list of all the services featured on the violence at work (UK) web site. It also includes information about advertising opportunities on the violence at work (UK) web site. [Read More]

Info for Employees

This section provides information and supportive advice for employees on how to avoid becoming a victim of violence at work. It also includes links to sources of legal advice about whistle-blowing and claiming compensation. [Read More]