The location of a workplace can mean a higher risk of violence happening

Where your workplace is situated can increase the likelihood of violence occurring. For example, it may be situated in a ‘hard to get to’ place where parking arrangements are restricted, where public transport is a long way off, the journey there is all uphill and visitors are already agitated, hot and bothered (and late) when they arrive!

The risk of attacks can also be higher because of the kind of people who live in or frequent the area – and particularly if the pedestrian route to the car park / Public Transport facilities is conducive to muggings.

Building design can increase AND decrease likelihood of violence

The building you’re working in may not have been constructed with the potential for today’s violence in mind! This may mean that there are areas which may easily conceal (or even attract) undesirables and increase the potential for (and fear of) violent confrontations.

Your local Crime Prevention Officer (CPO) will be able to advise you on how to reduce the risk of violence with advice on lighting, CCTV, security patrolling and other means.

If you intend to build new premises, move into new premises or refurbish existing buildings it would be well worthwhile contacting your local Architectural Liaison Officer (ALO). ALOs are CPOs who have been specially trained in designing out crime at the drawing board stage.


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