Restraint Equipment

In their Brief guide: restraint (physical and mechanical), the Care Quality Commission (CQC) stated:

“We recognise that the use of mechanical restraint may be considered to be the least restrictive intervention in some specific cases, and may present less risk to the individual than the alternative of prolonged manual restraint or transfer to a more restrictive setting.”

By implication, this acknowledgement from the CQC means that services not equipped to use ‘mechanical restraint’ cannot claim to be able to always provide the safest, least restrictive form of restraint.

Enhance safety and reduce risk of injury

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Safer Handling
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Safer Handling provide humane, ethical, medically reviewed and tested restraint equipment, train the trainer programmes and consultancy.​

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The Safety Pod
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The Safety Pod™ is clinically proven to reduce the need for restraint, even in the most challenging of settings.

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